Mengniu Dairy’s Jingyuan Raw Milk Base

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Updated: 2013-12-05

The Mengniu Dairy’s Jingyuan raw milk base, with total investment expected to reach 47.2 million yuan($7.77 million), is set to be built in the Liuchuan Industrial Zone of Baiyin, which is over 2 km from the nearest residential area and thus conforms to quarantine requirements.

The preparations for the construction, such as drainage, electricity, roads and telecommunication facilities, have been completed.

The project, covering a total area of 20 hectares, is expected to include a production area, quarantine area, forage storage and processing area, management area, and waste disposal area, and it will serve as a sort of model of a cow farming base, with 2,000 cows.

It will include eight cowsheds, four silos, one milking parlor and a biogas production facility.

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