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New FTZs stress test for reform2015-03-26

China's four FTZs are an important indicator of the country's promotion of mature economic and financial institutions.

Pingtan launches FTZ website2015-03-12

The official website of the “Pingtan Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone” was unveiled on Feb 26, Pingtan Times has reported.

Cadres pledge to contribute to FTZ construction in Pingtan2015-02-28

All of the newcomers at the FTZ office have pledged to contribute to the FTZ construction using their expertise in various fields.

Pingtan FTZ nearing inauguration2015-02-26

Staff members of the Pingtan FTZ office are racing against time to get everything ready for the opening of operation in a few days.

Pingtan FTZ office gets a shot in the arm2015-02-15

The cadres were all elite professionals in the fields of finance, customs, local taxation and business attraction.

Fujian CPPCC member advises on Pingtan FTZ construction2015-02-02

Pingtan should take advantage of its proximity to Taiwan and give priority to tourism and port trades, said Zhang.

Pingtan, Fuzhou to cooperate on FTZ construction2015-02-02

In the next stage, Fuzhou and Pingtan should jointly study policies and programs pertaining to the FTZ's construction and cement their strengths in different fields.

Pingtan mulls over horse racing in FTZ zone2015-01-26

It will have nothing to do with gambling like it is in Hong Kong. We will try to offer prize money instead to get the sport off the ground, according to an official.