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Fujian FTZ to play host to overseas Chinese talents2016-03-15

The China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone will play host to a group of overseas Chinese students with doctor's degrees in June.

Fujian to promote online export rebate2016-03-09

The Fujian Provincial Office of State Administration of Taxation recently announced its online export rebate policy for the entire province, excluding the city of Xiamen.

Pingtan FTZ saw company boom in past ten months2016-03-04

Since Pingtan was included in the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone on April 21, 2015, more and more enterprises saw its preferential policies and moved in the zone.

Pingtan FTZ impresses in first half year2015-10-27

Pingtan put on quite an impressive performance over the six months since its inauguration in April, leading three Fujian FTZs in innovation and business growth.

Fujian appoints free trade zone chiefs2015-09-01

Fujian province has named three free trade zone leaders, Fuzhou Daily reported on Monday. Xu Weize has taken over as director of the Pingtan FTZ from his predecessor Li Dejin.

Fujian sets up leadership for Pingtan FTZ2015-07-29

Li Dejin was appointed director of the administrative committee Z, according to an announcement by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee.

First overseas-funded travel agency set up in Pingtan FTZ2015-07-28

Authorities in Pingtan have approved the establishment of a wholly overseas-funded travel agency, local news portal ptnet.cn reported on July 17.

Pingtan forum focuses on FTZ innovation (Part II)2015-06-17

Seven scholars and experts delivered speeches on Monday on topics ranging from Pingtan’s development to cross-Straits cooperation.