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Meeting to boost jade industries of two countries 2011-09-15
A meeting was recently held between the chairman of Dehong political consultative committee and the director of Myanmar Mine Ministry’s jewelry department.

Association for better development 2011-08-26
Dehong companies finally have their umbrella organization, the companies’ development association, which was set up on August 18 in Ruili.

Dehong introduces first geographical indication trademark 2011-08-16
The brand “Dehong Coffee” has recently won a certificate of registration for farm produce geographical indication.

Street fruit picking 2011-08-10
Locals can start to pick fruit in addition to orchards from the streets of Mangshi in Dehong prefecture.

Mangshi opens first 3D movie theater 2011-08-10
A luxury 3D movie theater recently started operation after a year of construction in Mangshi, Dehong prefecture.

Volunteers clean up city 2011-08-10
Almost 200 women volunteers took part in cleaning up Ruili in Dehong prefecture recently.

Dehong welcomes its first five-star hotel 2011-07-21
A luxury hotel in Dehong prefecture has recently been named a five-star hotel, the first of its kind in the area.

A painting and photo contest in Dehong 2011-07-05
Though often busy saving lives and fighting disasters, Dehong firefighters still found time to prepare for a painting and photo contest.

Dehong delegation attend bio-related exhibition 2011-06-21
A group of sectors in Dehong characteristic industries participated in a bio-technology achievements exhibition and fair.

Post-earthquake life in Yingjiang,Dehong  2011-06-21
Yingjiang people suffered an earthquake three months ago, now their lives are gradually recovered.

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