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  Why Dehong
Science and technology
Since the establishment of Dehong Prefecture in 1953, the Dehong Government has attached great importance to the development of science and technology.

Two major mobile telecom carriers—China Mobile and China Unicom—started their business in Dehong in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Natural resources
Over 20 types of minerals have been discovered in Dehong, including ferrous metal iron and non-ferrous metal mineral.

Dehong Autonomous Prefecture continued to carry out a steady monetary policy and continued to speed up financial reforms.

Industrial enterprises in Dehong prefecture
Dehong Defeng Tea, originally established in 1983 to be Overseas Chinese Tea Processing Factory of Mang, is a standard Puerh tea processing factory.

International Jewelry Town
The international jewelry town, expected to cover 186-210.6 acres, consists of a jewelry exhibition and transaction hall, jewelry culture corridor, jewelry square, business and research center, a five-star hotel, raw jade trade and processing market, finished jade products trade market, and commercial and residential buildings.

Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County
The auction market will consist of a bidding section, a raw material section, a processing section, and the final products sales section to provide one-stop services.

Laying International Logistics Center
The Laying International Logistics Center will serve as a storage center, logistic distribution center, transportation center, transfer center, wholesale center, and office building.

Laying International Trade Market
Laying International Trade Market engages in trade, commerce, storage, tourism, shopping and commodity distribution.

Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market
The Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market willis scheduled to be situated in Mangshi Logistics Center, near Dali-Ruili Railway Station.