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Dadenghan Dai Village
Dadenghan Dai Village is located 20 kilometers away from the south of Ruili City, Yunnan Province.

King of Banyan
In Yingjiang county, Dehong prefecture, stands Yunnan's largest banyan, whose trunk needs dozens of people to embrace it with extending arms.

Moli Tropical Rain Forest Area
Moli Tropical Rain Forest Area of Ruili was assessed as a state-level AAAA scenic spot.

Nujiang River
The Nakaluo segment of the Qinatong has high mountains and deep valley and it is the most magnificent section of the Grand Gorge of the Nujiang River.

Foguang Temple
Foguang Temple was built in 1873, during the Qing Dynasty, and named Foguang, meaning that Buddha’s brightness shines everywhere.

Yunyan Buddha Pagoda
Yunyan Buddha Pagoda is located at the top of Yunyan Mountain, to the east of Yingjiang county. "Yunyan" means fortune and happiness in the Dai language.

Daying River
The Daying River, one of the three major tributaries of the Irrawaddy, is 240 kilometers long within China.

Ruili River
The Ruili River is one of the most important rivers in the west Yunnan province. It is called Nanmao River in Dai language, meaning foggy river.

Three Fairies Cavern
Legend has it that it was discovered by three fairies, and they lived there ever after.

Peacock Lake
The Peacock Lake is named after the fact that it is a historical habitat for green peacocks and the shape of the lake looks like a peacock displaying its fanned tail.

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