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Medical technicians rush to Tianjin to help with disaster

Source: en.nhfpc.gov.cn

By Feng Hui

Updated: 2015-08-18

The National Health and Family Planning Commission sent three medical teams to Tianjin, on Aug 13, to rescue survivors and treat the injured after the blast in the warehouse, on Aug 12.

The 36 medical technicians and doctors came from 10 Beijing hospitals and were specialists who could provide physical and psychological care for the injured. The Commission also made arrangement to ensure a steady supply of blood, medical equipment and drugs.

By 3:00 pm, in Aug 13, Tianjin hospitals had received 521 injured, with 52 of them in serious condition. The hospitals set up a special team for each patient to ensure that the injured got the best care.


Link: China's Central Government / World Health Organization / United Nations Population Fund / UNICEF in China

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