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Health literacy of Chinese public


Health is not just lack of disease or weakness, but also about a good physical, psychological and social state.

Major health exchange and cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative


The National Health and Family Planning Commission recently unveiled the three-year plan for Belt and Road health exchange and cooperation (2015-2017).

Joint Statement of The Eighth Tripartite Health Ministers Meeting


We, the Japanese, Chinese and Korean Health Ministers met in Kyoto, Japan on 29th of November, 2015 and discussed health and medical issues of common concern to our three countries.

Q&A about the new two-child policy


Wang Pei’an, Vice Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission, explains the new two-child policy.

Statement of Health Minister of China On Striving for Healthy China


Health is not only the basis for personal development and happiness but also an important measurement of national prosperity and people’s well-being.

Official: two-child policy will be implemented after revised laws come into force


An official from Department of Community Family Planning recently answered questions about the universal two-child policy.

Improvements in China’s public health over two decades


The latest reports from the prominent English medical journal The Lancet indicate that public health conditions in China have improved significantly over the past two decades.

Universal two-child policy to promote a balanced population development


The policy that all couples may have two children will be implemented and the challenge of the aging population will be addressed in a proactive manner.

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