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Full transcript of the State Council policy briefing on Nov 13, 2015

Recently, the State Council reviewed and passed a plan regarding the combination of medical care and services for the elderly。

Universal two-child policy to promote a balanced population development

The policy that all couples may have two children will be implemented and the challenge of the aging population will be addressed in a proactive manner.

China sets up new system to optimize medical resources

The General Office of the State Council issued a statement, asking its departments and local authorities to set up a system allowing hospitals to target specific patient groups so that medical resources can be utilized more efficiently.

Plan ensures healthy future for traditional Chinese medicine

Ministries, departments and provincial-level authorities must protect and develop the resources that are vital to traditional Chinese medicine.

Reforming public hospitals at county level

The State Council general office issued a document on May 8 aimed at promoting the comprehensive reform of public hospitals - including TCM hospitals - at the county level.

Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Traditional Chinese Medicine

These Regulations are formulated to inherit and develop the science of traditional Chinese medicine, ensure and promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine undertaking, and protect people’s health.

Regulations on Preparedness for and Response to Emergent Public Health Hazards

These Regulations are formulated for the purposes of effectively preventing, timely controlling, minimizing and eliminating emergent public health hazards, safeguarding the health of the public and the safety of their lives, and maintaining normal social order.

Regulations on Human Organ Transplantation

These Regulations are formulated for the purpose of standardizing transplantation of human organs, ensuring the quality of medical treatment, safeguarding human health and protecting the lawful rights and interests of citizens.

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