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A spectrum of tea treats and treatments

Almost all of us drink tea - for many it is a must in the morning to jump-start the day and in the afternoon when feeling drowsy or a little low. Tea is imbibed around the world in various ways - with or without milk, as "masala chai", green tea, iced tea, black tea or as a herbal tea to ease a bad throat or severe cold. There is a spectrum of teas available - black, green, white, oolong, red and herbal, to name a few . Black tea is mostly served hot in Asia and drunk plain or with milk, sugar or honey. It is sometimes spiced with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

All the tea in China

Southern Beijing's Chongwen district's cultural week reaches its climax this weekend as area's nationwide famous tea industry shows off its wares.

Travel Picks: Top 10 places to enjoy a cup of tea

Fancy a cuppa? Lonely Planet lists the world's best places to have a cup of tea in its "1000 Ultimate Experiences" guide.

Feeling old and blue? Green tea may help

Elderly men and women who sip on several cups of green tea a day may be less likely to have the blues, hint findings of a study from Japan.

Chew on a bowl of tea

Pork ribs tea is a dish with history. It was the food of young men who left China for Nanyang with nothing more than the shirts on their backs and determination in their pockets. Pauline D Loh has the story

Take a tea break

Western Hill is known for its Biluochun, one of the best green teas in the country. The tea has a prominent, refreshing fragrance, with a smooth taste.

Time for tea

December 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and last week, officials held an enormous meeting in the Great Hall of the People, to review and laud the dramatic changes that the nation has undergone.

Tea in a dish

China has the world's greatest variety of teas and spring sees the year's first batch of fresh tea produce. Jade Chinese Restaurant (玉中餐厅) has designed a special tea menu for May comprising some great samples of dishes that use tea.

Enter the dragon-tea

Dragons used to terrify the tea farmers and Buddhist monks of Hangzhou, who in former years saw one as the angry architect of a tidal wave.

Tea-ing up

For Beijinger Wang Qing, tea is a way of life.

Green tea's anti-cancer effect gets more evidence

A new U.S. study has shown that green tea may help reduce the risk of oral cancer, although scientists are reluctant to officially endorse green tea as an effective way of cancer prevention.

Chinese herbal tea, a time-honored healthy drink

The Chinese herbal tea or cold tea is a drink concocted from medicinal herbals to ease the summer heat in human’s body or sore throat caused by the dry winter.In order to repel internal humidity and heat, people collect herbs which can clear away heat and dampness from mountains and valleys to concoct into herb tea.

Puer, tea girls just the tonic for athletes

GUANGZHOU - Guess which is the most crowded place at midnight in the international zone of the Athletes' Village?

Tea is so much more than just a hot drink

Tea bag art - creative recycling at its best - has become increasingly fashionable.

Sinking your teeth into a tea banquet

According to Chinese tea culture, different kinds of tea have different characteristics that complement different flavors.

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