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Life starts with a cup of morning tea

Yum Cha, literally “drinking tea”, is an ancient tradition in Guangzhou. The morning tea ranks their first choice and has become one of the important parts of their daily lives.They drink morning tea, afternoon tea and night tea, and also eat pastries with breakfast, while spreading news, enhancing friendships and talking about business.

Tea Fight:an elegant showdown

Enjoying a longstanding peace in politics and economic prosperity, the Chinese Song Dynasty (960AD-1279AD) was a marvelous period during which many cultural traditions flourished. The Song Dynasty witnessed the heyday of the tea fights, but thereafter the custom waned.

Chinese tea cream, a tea lovers’ dream

Tea cream, solid cream extracted from liquid tea for drinking, was once the exclusive enjoyment of Chinese emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and has served for centuries as a Chinese national gift to foreign countries

Tea culture comes to live at Wuyutai

Wuyutai is a name known to almost every tea lover in Beijing. First established in 1887, Wuyutai enjoys fame as one of the Time-Honored Brands of China, and is well-known for its high-quality tea products and hospitable service.

Black tea could protect against dabetes

Natural News reports that some natural chemicals in black tea could help protect you from diabetes.

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