Cooperation leads to introduction of cutting-edge skin care products

By Liu Zhihua ( ) Updated: 2016-09-22 09:16:01

China Regenerative Medicine International Limited, a Hong Kong listed biomedical and healthcare company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, recently announced cooperation with China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Co, a leading State-owned medical device company in China.

According to the cooperation agreement signed earlier this week, China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Co will sell biomedicine products and medical devices CRMI produces, including "ActivSkin", the tissue-engineered skin with living cells, and “Acornea”, bioengineered corneas made from pigs' eyes.

China Regenerative Medicine International Limited excels in the development of cutting-edge medical products and technologies, with a focus on innovations in regenerative medicine, and has obtained more than 70 independent intellectual property rights.

In 2014, it collaborated with the University of Oxford and established the CRMI Technology Centre at the University of Oxford.


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