Layabox unveils new game engine

By Xu Lin ( ) Updated: 2016-07-07 09:12:11

Layabox, a domestic game engine supplier, recently unveiled its new game engine LayaAir 1.0 at a news conference in Beijing.

"The new game engine allows users to develop and release games on different platforms — PC, App and HTML5 — at the same time. It means the era of integration of the three game platforms has begun. It's a reform of the game industry," says Xie Chenghong, founder and CEO of the company.

The company recently completed its series A round financing of 100 million yuan ($15 million).

Meanwhile, Xie says that it is easy to learn how to develop games with the engine and the company is partnering education institutions to train talent for the games industry.

The engine also supports the development of 2-D, 3-D and virtual reality games.

Separately, Xie says his company will release a virtual reality fight game in August, where two players can wear headsets and fight each other in the virtual world.


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