Chinese schools urged to strengthen precautions against Zika

Updated: 2016-03-17 11:34:25

Chinese schools urged to strengthen precautions against Zika


As epidemic season for the Zika virus draws near, schools at all levels should strengthen precautions, a circular issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Wednesday.

According to the circular, anti-mosquito campaigns are necessary in schools, where extra cleaning should be done to prevent mosquitoes from proliferating, and information about the virus should be widely available to raise awareness about the disease.

Students are also encouraged to exercise in order to improve their resistance to the Zika virus and to pay attention to food and water safety, the circular said.

The circular called for better monitoring of the virus by medical facilities, which should report suspected Zika cases in a timely manner.

More than ten Zika cases have been reported in China since the outbreak began. With recent rising temperatures, especially in south China, the number of mosquitoes is expected to rise, making it easier for the Zika virus to spread.


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