The world on a plate

By Xu Junqian ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-09-20 08:06:47

The world on a plate

Bistro Ginger in Shanghai has found its own place in the competitive market for the dishes with influences of various countries.[Photo provided to China Daily]

A popular Shanghai bistro's menu is informed by its owner's overseas travels. Xu Junqian reports.

We are constantly fed - and overfed - with posts and photos of who's traveling where thanks to social media. Something very similar happens for fans of the bistro Ginger by the Park in Shanghai: They have a stalker-like knowledge of where its owner has been traveling throughout the year via the menu, and they are likely to be overfed with the food inspired from those trips.

"After many years of operating Ginger, I understand what to bring back to share with our guests that will entice their taste buds," says Betty Ng, the owner and creative spirit behind Ginger.

The three-floor bistro and cafe is tucked, as its name suggests, in a corner of a lush neighborhood park.

Like its location - a quiet spot in the most central area of the city, yet hidden from all the metropolis madness - the restaurant has, over the past decade since its opening, managed to find its own place in the ever-competitive market without relying up on stunts or chasing trends.

"I love refreshing dishes, not too heavy, with a certain uniqueness and, if possible, not normally served in town," says Ng.

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