Farmer sells 3,000kg of carved watermelons in 11 days

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Farmer sells 3,000kg of carved watermelons in 11 days

Gu Xinliang poses with his watermelons. [Photo/]

Farmer Gu Xinliang, 56, of Central China's Henan province, said he never imagined his carved watermelons would become so popular that he'd sell 3,000kg of the popular fruit in just 11 days. Gu unintentionally carved Chinese characters on his watermelons, which he had had a hard time selling. Little did he know then that in just 11 days, more than 3,000kg of watermelons would be sold out, along with almost 2,000kg worth of muskmelons.

"I never imagined any of this. I just carved characters for 'luck' and 'longevity' on two watermelons one day, and they sold very soon," Gu said with a big smile on his face Monday morning.

Gu quickly got to work after his initial success. He carved phrases, including "happiness", " bring in wealth and treasure" and "good fortune as one wishes" on the watermelons. These too attracted bystanders, and were sold out.

Gu said he has always enjoyed calligraphy since childhood, but never had the chance to get enough training due to his humble upbringing. His techniques in calligraphy are based on what he learned while attending public and middle school. His busy work in the fields also hindered him from consulting calligraphy teachers.

However, Gu has always enjoyed practicing the art form and often volunteers to write auspicious couplets for fellow villagers during festive seasons.

"I guess I have carved out a new line for myself," Gu said, happily.


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