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西班牙中场队员阿隆索(左)和切尔西队新签约的法布雷加斯在巴西库里提巴的新闻发布会上。 摄影:Juanjo Martin/ EPA

Cesc Fábregas and Xabi Alonso insisted that Spain can still reach the knockout phase of the World Cup but differed in their analysis of how they must do so. “This group of players cannot be given up for dead until the very end,” Fábregas said from the national team’s training camp outside Curitiba. Alonso, meanwhile, added: “We think that we have earned the right to believe in ourselves.”

据英国《卫报》报道,法布雷加斯(Cesc Fabregas )和哈维·阿隆索(Xabi Alonso)坚称西班牙仍然可以进入到世界杯淘汰赛阶段,但是,在他们的理由里,不同之处在于他们到底要如何做到,“不到最后关头,这群队员绝对不能够被放弃!”法布雷加斯在库里提巴(Curtiba)体育馆外的西医国家人训练营说道。同时,阿隆索则说道:“我认为我们有权利相信自己。”

Six years of unprecedented success mean that no one could deny them that, as does the fact that they lost the first game at the last World Cup too. But Spain are conscious of the fact that the task facing them is a big one, bigger than it was then. Fábregas put it bluntly: “It is life or death, win or win. Beating Chile is our only hope: we have to win. If we don’t, we will be going home.”


Spain have two group games left, against Chile on Wednesday and against Australia on 23 June, and they must win both to have any chance of making it through to the knockout stages. Even that may not be enough however – depending on other results their fate might not be entirely in their own hands.


“We all have to treat this as a last-32 knockout game already.” Alonso said. “We are analysing it. Bit by bit we’re thinking about what we have to correct, and we trust in the team, in this group. On Wednesday we have the perfect opportunity to turn the pessimistic atmosphere around. We believe we can. If we improve, if we play well and if we don’t make mistakes, we think we still have a good chance. I think the criticism is exaggerated. I don’t think you can conclude that this generation is finished. We’re still alive and we have a chance to show that we still have something to say.


But if the two Spanish midfielders coincided in their belief that they can defeat Chile, there was a hint that the way Spain will approach the game is not yet clear when they offered up alternate visions of how to go about winning the match.


Alonso dismissed the idea that Spain’s problem had been a physical one and said that they had lost control of the game against Holland, not least in playing “more with our hearts than our heads” in the second half. He insisted that re-establishing control was fundamental and that, although they may need goals, Spain should not fall into the trap of chasing the game. “We will have to attack but there is a time for that,” he said.


Fábregas, by contrast, suggested that Spain should be more incisive and more attacking. “At the last World Cup when we were beating Chile 2-1, we had to make sure that we kept the ball in the last half an hour. This time, it will be a bit different. We have to beat Chile and if possible with more goals. It’s similar and we have to have the same attitude, faith, and effort. But instead of controlled football, of pass, pass, we perhaps have to be a bit more dynamic, a bit more vertical.


“There is not only one way of playing football. We have played a game of touch, position and control but there are moments in life, and this is one of them, when you have to attack. We have to be brave. We have to try to win by more than one goal and we have to attack, attack, and score a lot of goals.”


The back-up goalkeeper David de Gea, meanwhile, has a leg injury and could be sidelined for up to 10 days meaning he would miss the rest of the group stage. The Manchester United No1 underwent scans on Sunday that revealed a muscle strain, with the defending champions listing him as day-to-day. Spain’s captain, Iker Casillas, had a disastrous game against Holland but the goalkeeper’s starting place is not thought to be in question.

候补门将大卫·德赫亚(David de Gea)一条腿受伤了,不得不缺席十天,这意味着他将错过剩余的小组赛。22日,这位曼联的一号门将在15是接受一次扫描,显示肌肉拉伤了,不过,卫冕冠军还是将他列在日常的训练之中。西班牙队长卡西利亚斯(Iker Casuillas)对荷兰的比赛经历了灾难,但是作为首发守门员并不是问题。

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