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Mosques give women a major say

Experiencing Xinjiang (II)

Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra to debut in BJ

Ethnic Miao performers to go on stage in Beijing
Tibet has China's largest proportion of nature reserves
In Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, 61 nature reserves have been established across a total land area of 410,000 square meters, a regional forestry official said Friday.
Power plant: bamboo 
Bamboo may technically be a member of the grass family, but its potential is not so lowly. Growers in China are using it to create building materials and fabrics, revitalize forests.
Man sentenced over inciting self-immolation
A court in Northwest China's Qinghai province Friday sentenced a man to 13 years in jail for goading a monk to self-immolate and inciting the split of the state.
Tibetan political advisers calls to cherish life
Political advisors in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region have called on religious believers to respect and cherish life in response to recent self-immolations committed by Buddhists.
Gleaming with tradition
For 41-year-old Li Zhengyun and his family, silver craftsmanship has been a traditional skill that was kept in the Li family.
Portraits of the plateau
Artist Wu Changjiang takes more than just inspiration from his journeys through Tibetan areas.
Yao ethnic dress gets modern revamping
Yao ethnic women of different ages showed off their gorgeous traditional clothes on Dec 1 at a 60th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Rongshui county.
Tibetan Thangka paintings displayed in Beijing
More than 100 Thangka works, a kind of Tibetan scroll painting featuring Buddhist themes, were on display at the National Museum of China in Beijing, capital of China, Sept 10, 2012.
Poland given a glimpse of Tibetan culture
China’s Tibetan Culture Week, being staged in Warsaw, the Polish capital, is offering Poles a glimpse into Tibet’s culture and art.
Monasteries cited for contributions to harmony
For the first time, 59 Tibetan monasteries and 6,773 monks and nuns were cited Thursday for their contributions to the harmonious development of religion in Tibet
11 lamas receive highest academic degrees in Buddhism
Eleven monks graduated from the High-level Tibetan Buddhism College of China, in Beijing on Dec 4, receiving the "Tho Ram Pa" degree, one of the highest academic degrees in Tibetan Buddhism.
Xinjiang Islamic Institute
The Xinjiang Islamic Institute, which gives lessons in Uygur, was established in 1987. Most of its graduates go back to their hometowns to become worship leaders.
Tibet to launch more bilingual TV, radio programs
Tibet will launch more bilingual TV and radio programs and translate more Chinese and foreign films for local people in 2012.
Firemen of faith keep monasteries safe in Tibet
With the fire in front of them burning out of control, Zhaxi and his fellow firefighters were quick to take action.
Tibet to build more roads to monasteries
Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region will earmark 1.5 billion yuan on road construction for easier access to the region's monasteries.

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