A foil to Chinese art

Updated: 2008-05-26 11:34

Technically, Kidd displays the profound patience of a graphic artist knitting together images on a computer swatch by swatch, as well as the playfulness of a creator. Kidd stimulates her artistic faculties as an avid collector... of all things. "I surround myself with bought and found objects some of which I will eventually select to work with." I imagine Kidd standing in a room, over-stuffed with garage sale items, trinkets popping out of every nook, a contemplative finger tapping her lips as her eyes rove over the selection, zeroing in on the perfect item for her next project.

When I mentioned my personal frustration with the China art scene to Kidd, she compared current trends in China to the pop art phenomenon in 1960s America. "Like pop-art, there is just so much contemporary Chinese work and you have to sift through really a lot," she remarked. "In twenty years the situation probably will have changed, Chinese Contemporary will be distilled down to its finest examples."

As for Art Labor, Kemble has a few plans tucked up his sleeve: "I want to exhibit work by guys from NYC like Nate Lowman, Dan Colen, Dash Snow," he says. "These guys want to come over here and show with us, but I am a bit afraid they will destroy my gallery, or be jailed, or both."

Baggage runs from May 19 through June 18 at Art Labor Gallery.

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