Worker's word on office food

By Li Fenghua/Sun Jina (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-05-30 10:43

Getting a bad case of the munchies while in the office can be an embarrassing problem. Here we talk with several workers to find out how they deal with the in-cubicle desire to dine.

Shaving off pounds in the cubicle

Shi Xue-Low fat instant food and fruits

"I like eating low-fat instant food like dried tofu and yurouxiangchang when I am hungry in the office. I prefer spicy but healthy foods. As for drinks, like juice or yogurt. They are natural and healthy," Shi Xue, 29, the operations manager of an IT company, said.

"Fruits are my everyday refreshments. It is dry in the office and we need all kinds of fruits to provide vitamins. Fruit is also good for digestion and the skin."

Discriminating tastes

Peter Zha-Tearoom and drink dispenser

Peter Zha, 26, an assistant in Big Four's insurance department, said he is busy with work and has no time for snacks. He is not allowed to snack in his office.

"Men are not the same as women. Many female colleagues like light snacks as entertainment or just to pass time. A man does not. I used to go the teahouse for coffee, and sometimes I go to the drink vending machine," he said.

"I have almost tried almost everything in the vending machine," Peter said,"As for computer radiation, using the computer is unavoidable. I don't worry about that as much as women do".

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