Upcoming shows

(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-05-30 12:37

As Children's Day is around the corner and Chinese prestigious university Beida is celebrating its anniversary, Beijing is riddled with various shows.

Fairy drama Monkey King's Dream will be shown to mark International Children's Day. The play has been performed more than 100 times in Shanghai. The Monkey King, a familiar character for Chinese children, shuttles between the past and future, telling a story of his magical powers and modern technology.

7:30 pm, today-June 1
The Great Theater of China Nationalities, 49 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District

Paolo Nani and Kristjn Ingimarsson from Denmark will stage a "slapstick comedy without words" titled Art of Dying. In 100 minutes of wordless hilarity and tenderness, the piece explores the end we all have to face but want to ignore. They are two clowns, a long-standing double act at the peak of their career. Suddenly, one of them learns he is dying. How does a clown die? Are there any instructions? How does he die politely, without making a mess? And does it really have to be in the middle of a successful tour? With nothing to lose, it is time to enjoy the "now" as never before.

7 pm, June 3, 4
Peking University Concert Hall
6551-6930, 6551-6906

The National Center for the Performing Arts is opening its doors for youngsters to celebrate Children's Day, with the Beijing Children's Arts Theater running its latest production, You Look Like Delicious. Adapted from renowned Japanese illustrator Miyanishi Tatsuya's work, the show tells a story that takes place in the Cretaceous period, where an evil Tyrannosaurus rex longs to be the father of another small dinosaur.

10:30 am, 2:30 pm, 7:30 pm, till Sunday
West of the Tian'anmen Square