Warming your heart

By Michael Armstrong (cityweekend.com.cn)
Updated: 2008-06-02 13:44

The dining room glitters white and brass; Kamat's made us feel like foreign dignitaries visiting a Tandoori prince.

The waitstaff is alive, readily explaining and recommending dishes. The deep-fried bits, vegetable samosas (28 yuan) and assorted pakoras (28 yuan), were what Chinese deep-frying strives for, crunchy and spicy on the outside, fresh and clean in the middle. Creamy Chicken Korma (48 yuan) oozed into our stomachs, dulling our senses, though the basket of na’an (10 yuan) was a little hard.

The waiter came over to check on the Chicken Vindaloo (48 yuan), which wasn't as hot as we had hoped. "We can make it hotter, if you want," he said. "Can you do that right now?" we asked. "Of course," he smiled. Ten minutes later we were fanning our tongues in chili bliss. 

Kamat's Indian Restaurant
Tel: 6268-4999
Add: 2/F Di San Ji Creative Zone No.66, Beisihuanxilu


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