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Charitable fund for women, kids (2008-03-04)
Primary school teacher Ye Jiali pities Xiao Lu, an otherwise excellent student who faces the unappealing proposition of dropping out of school because her family cannot afford to pay her tuition fees.

Women's health in rural areas targeted (2008-03-03)
Close to 70 percent of women who died in childbirth and infants who died one year or younger did so in remote and poor rural areas, Health Minister Chen Zhu said over the weekend.

Caring for mothers (2007-04-28)
Authorities in charge of women and children's welfare and the local Red Cross association in the city of Suqian, in East China's Jiangsu Province, have taken joint action to help needy mothers citywide.

Needy mothers in Huna to get subsidy (2006-08-31)
Poverty-stricken pregnant women in Rucheng County of Central China's Hunan Province will receive a subsidy from the local government provided that they give birth in hospital.

Beijing restaurants to jointly help poor mothers (2006-05-08)
The Beijing association of catering businesses plans to launch a charity program on May 14, the Mother's Day, in collaboration with the Happiness Program under the China Population Welfare Foundation (CPWF).

Rural Chinese women living in abject poverty reduced to 12m (2006-04-13)
Rural Chinese women living in abject poverty has been reduced to 12 million by the end of 2005, a sharp decline from around 35 million by late 1994

Poverty alleviation targets gender inequality (2006-04-12)
China will pay more attention to gender mainstreaming and forming gender-sensitive policies in the development of the new countryside, said a senior official from the State Council yesterday.

Champion of the underprivileged (2006-03-31)
How to better protect women and children's rights? What can be done to help the elderly and the underprivileged?

Poverty worsening among local women (2005-04-07)
The problem of poverty is worsening for many Hong Kong women. Lower education levels and constraints associated with traditional family roles are two contributing factors, according to a study conducted by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

China's anti-poverty programs inject confidence in rural women (2004-12-10)
Tan Xiuzhen was once a timid woman who blushed when talking with strangers. But after training from Badi Foundation, she ran for head of her village in Hui County in northwest China's Gansu Province + and won.

EU funds reemployment program for women in Jilin (2004-11-12)
The European Union agreed to offer a total of 100,000 euro for a reemployment program for women in northeast China's Jilin Province, said sources from the Jilin Women Reemployment Center.

Door of opportunity opens to rural women (2004-10-29)
They are not alone. Women from China's poor rural areas eager to go to big cities in search of work have a champion.

Helping poor mothers (2004-08-03)
More than 30,000 yuan (US$3,600) was raised at a recent online charity auction, to help mothers and babies in poverty-stricken areas in China.

Education brings hope for rural girls (2004-06-01)
Bao Guoxia, 18, uses computers deftly in a trading company in Beijing where she works as a secretary. A year ago, however, the computer was something she had heard about only on the radio. "I would never have seen one if I had not attended the Rural Women's Practical Training School," she says.

Gov't finding ways to assist city poor (2004-05-27)
Zhang Meiyun, a woman in her late 60s, got a second-hand television set in a "loving supermarket" in Beijing's Xuanwu District over the weekend.

Women become major force in alleviating poverty (2004-05-27)
When more and more men in the rural areas bid farewell to their poverty-stricken fellows for a "gold rush" in cities, more and more women find themselves left to deal with domestic matters at home alone.

Project helps poor mothers deliver babies safely (2004-04-05)
A "green channel" is spreading the word in China's poverty-stricken regions to allow pregnant women to stay safe while giving life to children.

Gift of work means new independence (2003-12-31)
A total of 7,064 women in poverty-stricken areas of western China have received job and life skills, thanks to financial help from Japan, the All-China Women's Federation and the World Bank.

Laid-off Chinese woman weaves happy life through Chinese Knots (2003-10-07)
Hu Lihua, an unemployed Chinese woman in her 40s, is taking her future into her own hands, overcoming redundancy to create a profitable traditional knot weaving business.

US Citigroup gives further microfinancing donation to help Chinese women in underdeveloped areas (2003-09-22)
US banking giant Citigroup announced here Monday that it had furthered its microfinancing scheme to help Chinese women in the country's underdeveloped areas by donating another 1.3 million US dollars.

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