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Destitution is still one of the biggest challenges that China faces despite great achievements made by the country in social and economic development in the past 20 years, during which more than 220 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty.
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China introduces access signs for disabled 2009-02-02
China has begun introducing access signs for the disabled based on internationally-recognized symbols.

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China introduces access signs for disabled 2009-02-02
China vows rural support amid slowdown 2009-02-02
China's countryside holds key for boosting demand 2009-01-07
Plan for free senior high school education 2009-01-08
Public opinions sought on 12-year education plan 2009-01-08
China to promote graduates' employment 2009-01-07
Graduates offered cash incentive to 'Go West' 2009-01-08
Students lower salary expectations amid crisis 2009-01-08

Bridging the urban and rural gap
At a time when the global financial meltdown and looming recession are capturing the world's attention, some have wondered why China's highest leadership still places rural development high on its work agenda.

On the reform road to rural areas
The central leadership's new proposals to carry forward rural reforms is likely to make life more comfortable for farmers and lift their living standards.

China makes tremendous progress in poverty reduction since reform, opening-up
China has made tremendous progress in poverty alleviation since the country adopted its policy of reform and opening-up in 1978, according to a senior economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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Implementing programs to meet the needs of the poor (I)
  Urban China Anti-Poverty Forum (first international conference)-2002-10-28
Vocational Education Fair -2002-07-26
  Women's health in rural areas targeted
Public schools to extend reach
Better care for Shanghai's migrants
More than 95% of Chinese villages to access broadband service in 2008
Grants to Project Hope
Clear parameters for relief system
Project hope
Spring Bud Project
Pilot social security program
Educating the Poor
Helping the Poor with Tourism
Helping the poor by conserving water
Helping the poor in culture
Financing the poor
Scientech poverty reduction projects
The "Food and Clothing Project"
Project happiness
Poor farmers' self-independence project
Glorious program
Grass roots project
Program to benefit women
Chinese women & children development program
Micro-finance poverty reduction project

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