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China vows rural support amid slowdown (2009-02-02)
China will plough ahead with tough measures to develop rural areas and agriculture in 2009 despite expectations that this year will witness the hardest challenges of the last decade.

55 billion yuan support for SOEs (2008-11-27)
The State Council has approved the operational payment budget for centrally-administrated State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) of 54.78 billion yuan ($8.02 billion) for 2008.

NDRC: China to purchase more crops to protect farmers (2008-11-27)
China has seen a fifth consecutive year of record agricultural harvest but crop prices have started to drop, said Zhang Ping, vice-minister of National Development and Reform Commission at a press conference today.

China shifts reproductive health care spending (2008-11-21)
China has earmarked another 1 billion yuan ($147 million) to be spent in the fourth quarter, which ends in about six weeks, to improve rural reproductive health care programs.

More cash slated to ensure services for farmers (2008-10-14)
China should earmark more funding to ensure equal public services for its rural residents to better balance urban and rural development, said senior experts Monday.

China considers subsidizing cotton farmers directly (2008-10-14)
China is in discussions to build a price subsidy system for cotton farmers amid dropping cotton prices, said a senior official yesterday.

China to double income of farmers in 12 years (2008-10-12)
China's top decision makers said on Sunday that the country had set a goal to double the per capita income of rural residents by 2020, based on the 2008 level.

Chinese farmers' income to be doubled (2008-10-13)
The nation has set a goal of doubling per capita disposable income of rural residents by 2020 from the 2008 level, top decision-makers announced. Session Adopts Decision Yu Youjun Removed from Committee Full Coverage

China may launch new social pension system for farmers (2008-09-12)
China may launch a new social pension system for farmers by the end of this year and the policy is under drawing, said Caijing, a Beijing-based magazine today.

Rural medicare covers 91% of target population (2008-07-11)
China's rural cooperative medical insurance system, launched in 2003 to offer basic health care to rural residents, covers more than 91 percent of its target population.

China to invest 12.7b yuan on farmland (2008-07-17)
Chinese government will spend 12.7 billion yuan on upgrading lower-yield farmland this year.

China to make credit more accessible to farmers (2008-06-06)
China will take measures to make credit and loans more accessible to farmers in the country's rural areas, the China Banking Regulatory Commission said.

Easier way to countryside (2008-05-28)
China plans to make it easier for foreign banks, such as HSBC Holdings Plc, to set up rural operations as the government seeks to boost funding for farmers.

Wen pledges more support for rural areas (2008-04-03)
"All ethnic groups form one big family. We must be united and help each other, to prosper and progress together," Wen told farmers of the Jingpo minority during a visit to the Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province.

Project to offer mobile rural development solutions (2008-03-25)
Lower-income farmers in remote villages are expected to be able to use their mobile phones soon to gain access to rural financial services.

30% rise in rural spendings this year (2008-03-07)
The central government is planning a massive increase in spending on rural development this year, with a 30 percent year-on-year rise to a record high of 562.5 billion yuan ($79 billion).

China allocates 1.6b yuan for farmer training (2008-02-27)
China's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) will allocate 1.6 billion yuan ($223.8 million) for two farmer training programs.

China's rural micro credit program wins international recognition (2008-02-27)
A "micro-credit loans to farmers" pilot program in Wuyuan County in eastern Jiangxi Province has been ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Farmers' income growth (2007-12-26)
A bumper harvest and rising food prices should, in theory, help narrow the income gap between the urban and rural population. Yet, a 7-percent increase in farmers' net income this year will not be enough to stop that gap from widening.

China vows to sustain farmers income growth (2007-12-24)
China pledged to enhance rural infrastructure construction, promote stable development of agriculture and facilitate a sustained income growth for farmers next year.

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