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Beijing to build more affordable houses (2008-11-23)
The Beijing government said Saturday that it was scheduled to start construction of 8.5 million square meters housing project of low-rent and affordable apartments next year, a move to boost the housing consumption and benefit the low-incomers.

Migrant workers cash in security funds (2008-11-20)
About 840,000 migrant workers had quit Shanghai's social security system as of Nov 12 to return home or work in other cities, official figures show.

Hard times for migrant workers in Guangdong (2008-11-07)
Thousands of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta are packing up and heading home, as jobs and decent wages in the region become increasingly hard to find.

China creates 9m jobs in three quarters (2008-10-27)
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that the country created 9.36 million jobs in the first three quarters, and helped another 4.09 million laid-off workers be re-employed.

Chinese advisor urges ending discrimination against migrant workers (2008-09-03)
China's 200 million migrant workers are still facing employment discrimination and services for them are not in place, said a political advisor here on Tuesday.

Migrant workers facing job losses in Shenzhen (2008-08-20)
Millions of unskilled migrant workers could be forced to leave Shenzhen in the face of its continuing industrial restructuring, a local statistician has said.

Beijing city planning to benefit migrant population (2008-08-02)
The needs of the growing numbers of migrant workers in Beijing have been taken into account for the first time by city planners looking to improve the livability of China's capital.

Shenzhen's new residence system help migrant workers (2008-08-01)
The lives of the 12 million migrant workers in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen look set for a major change starting Friday.

China to help unemployed start businesses (2008-07-29)
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday that the government had suspended for three years administrative fees for unemployed people who register their own individually-run businesses.

Migrant workers to get help in AIDS fight (2008-07-29)
ACFTU, ILO launched an ambitious project to prevent the spread of AIDS among the country's 150 million migrant workers.

One-time doles no help in tackling big issue (2008-07-18)
The city government of Dongguan, in southern China's Guangdong Province, announced that it was planning to distribute more than 120 million yuan ($17.6 million) in "red envelope" money to the poorest residents of the city.

Equal compensation for migrants (2008-07-18)
Migrant workers who become victims of traffic accidents in Shenzhen will be entitled to the same compensation as residents, under a new ruling.

Migrant workers to get better childbearing services (2008-06-16)
Local governments should not force married female migrant workers at child-bearing age to return to their hometowns for pregnancy tests.

Basic urban medical insurance covers more people (2008-05-21)
Some 223 million Chinese were covered by the urban basic medical insurance program as of 2007, up 41.8 percent year-on-year, officials said.

Workers get rights to talk on pay  (2008-04-01)
New rules have been introduced to allow low-paid workers to discuss wage increases with their employers, the Shanghai labor department said March 31.

China strives to improve social security for 210 million migrant workers (2008-03-07)
China's 210 million migrant workers living in urban centers are expected to enjoy greater social security services as the country will do more in these areas.

Multibillion yuan budget for low-rent housing program (2008-03-07)
China plans to earmark 6.8 billion yuan ($951 million) in its 2008 budget, 33 percent more than last year, to build low-rent houses for urban poor, Premier Wen Jiabao said Wednesday.

Public schools to extend reach (2008-02-14)
About 70 percent of the children of migrant workers in Shanghai will receive free primary and middle-school education at public schools by 2010, the Shanghai municipal education commission said.

Better care for Shanghai's migrants (2008-02-13)
The Shanghai municipal government has vowed to improve its social insurance system to provide better care for migrant workers.

Most migrant workers in cities unhappy: Survey (2008-01-14)
Only 7.6 percent of migrant workers eking out a living in the country's cities are satisfied with their lives, a recent survey showed.

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