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Global financial crisis spills over to China's labor market (2008-11-02)
In the space of a year, Yang Chanjuan's career plan has changed direction. As a soon-to-graduate college student in economics, Yang is feeling her fortunes being buffeted by the financial crisis.

Equal job opportunities called for rural and urban residents (2008-10-26)
Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu said on Saturday farmers should share equal job opportunities with urban residents, which was key to realize the government goal of doubling farmer's income by 2020.

China to support labor-intensive businesses to create jobs (2008-10-27)
The Chinese government will support labor-intensive enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses, the private companies and the service sector in order to maintain a stable unemployment rate.

China creates 9m jobs in three quarters (2008-10-27)
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that the country created 9.36 million jobs in the first three quarters, and helped another 4.09 million laid-off workers be re-employed.

China to help unemployed start businesses (2008-07-29)
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday that the government had suspended for three years administrative fees for unemployed people who register their own individually-run businesses.

Quake leaves 1.4 million people destitute (2008-07-15)
The Sichuan earthquake has left 1.4 million farmers in about 4,000 remote villages in absolute poverty, an anti-poverty official said.

More than 600,000 Sichuan migrant workers return home jobless after quake (2008-07-04)
Nearly two months after returning home to Sichuan Province following the devastating May 12 earthquake, more than 600,000 migrant workers are now facing the dilemma of what to do for work.

Build better job security (2006-09-14)
More efforts should be made to improve the employment security system, says a signed article in the overseas edition of People's Daily.

Gov't project helps unemployed families (2006-05-23)
Liaoning provincial government yesterday launched a trailblazing programme to improve the lives of the many unemployed people in the northeastern province.

Programmes help jobless build futures (2005-06-22)
TIANJIN: "Why should the business owner give him or herself a salary and consider the salary as part of his costs?" asked a man in a corner of the classroom.

Job hope for laid-off workers (2005-06-07)
Thousands of people thronged the Workers Stadium in Beijing yesterday - but they were not queueing up for a soccer match. They were applicants, mostly workers laid off from State-owned enterprises, lining up for opportunities at more than 200 booths set up by private companies.

City moves to help unemployed (2004-09-21)
Despite an economic boom, Beijing's unemployment woes are getting worse.

China to clear way for rural laborers to work in urban areas (2004-04-29)
This year, China will make more efforts to protect migrant laborers' rights and clear the way for them to work in urban areas, said an official with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Wednesday.

China met re-employment target in 2003 (2004-01-01)
The Chinese Government met its target of re-employment of 4 million laid-off workers and managed to keep the registered urban jobless rate at 4.3 percent, below the goal of 4.5 percent, in 2003.

President calls for more action on job creation (2003-08-18)
President Hu Jintao said over the weekend that it is vital for government bodies and Communist Party of China (CPC) committees across the country to take more action to create employment for the nation's jobless.

Labour support just the job (2003-04-10)
Laid-off workers in their 40s are being given a helping hand by labour leaders to restart their lives and find new jobs.

Shanghai mayor promises to create 400,000 jobs this year (2003-04-02)
Mayor of Shanghai Han Zheng Wednesday pledged to create 400,000 jobs for the local people this year in an effort to maintain an unemployment rate of less than 5 percent.

8 million new jobs for city workers (2003-03-07)
China will go all out to create over 8 million jobs for urban workers and achieve a 7 per cent economic growth in 2003, according to Zeng Peiyan, the nation's leading economic planner.

Female employees play key roles (2002-11-19)
Women comprise about 38.8 per cent of China's urban employees and 65.6 per cent of rural labourers.

17 million former SOE employees get jobs in China (2002-09-27)
Beijing - About 17 million of the 26 million workers laid-off by state-owned firms in China from 1998 to June this year have been re-employed, said Zhang Zuoji, minister of labor and social security.

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