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China plans to establish social security number system (2008-12-23)
China on Monday announced plans to establish a social security number system for the welfare of its citizens.

China shifts reproductive health care spending (2008-11-21)
China has earmarked another 1 billion yuan ($147 million) to be spent in the fourth quarter, which ends in about six weeks, to improve rural reproductive health care programs.

Migrant workers cash in security funds (2008-11-20)
About 840,000 migrant workers had quit Shanghai's social security system as of Nov 12 to return home or work in other cities, official figures show.

Social insurance govt's top priority for the disabled (2008-11-12)
Social insurance and better service for disabled people will top the agenda of China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) for the next five years.

Hard times for migrant workers in Guangdong (2008-11-07)
Thousands of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta are packing up and heading home, as jobs and decent wages in the region become increasingly hard to find.

Global financial crisis spills over to China's labor market (2008-11-02)
In the space of a year, Yang Chanjuan's career plan has changed direction. As a soon-to-graduate college student in economics, Yang is feeling her fortunes being buffeted by the financial crisis.

Rural medicare covers 91% of target population (2008-07-11)
China's rural cooperative medical insurance system, launched in 2003 to offer basic health care to rural residents, covers more than 91 percent of its target population.

Beijing raises unemployment insurance payment threshold (2008-07-01)

Beijing city raised its monthly unemployment insurance payment threshold by 80 yuan ($11) on Tuesday. It is the ninth adjustment since Beijing introduced unemployment insurance system in November 1999

$26m cheated from social security funds (2008-06-14)
Fraudulent claims involving social security funds topped 180 million yuan ($26 million) and involved 60,000 people last year.

China mulls fiscal policy on medical cost of quake injured (2008-05-28)
China's finance and health ministries are mulling policies concerning the treatment cost of the quake injured and hospital patients.

Basic urban medical insurance covers more people (2008-05-21)
Some 223 million Chinese were covered by the urban basic medical insurance program as of 2007, up 41.8 percent year-on-year, officials said.

Call to increase welfare spending (2008-04-22)
The government should allocate more funds to improve China's social welfare system, given its soaring fiscal revenue in recent years, scholars said at a symposium held yesterday.

Disabled set for tax breaks, fee exemption (2008-04-23)
Disabled people who run businesses will get to enjoy favorable tax policies and be exempted from administrative charges.

Tibet to allocate $62 million for low-cost housing (2008-03-24)
The government of China's Tibet Autonomous Region plans to allocate 465 million yuan for low-cost housing starting this year to improve living standards, especially for low-income households.

Good public health is national wealth (2008-03-19)
The medical reform plan will be announced to get suggestions from the general public. The government goal, after all, is to provide universal basic medical services at a reasonable price.

China strives to improve social security for 210 million migrant workers (2008-03-07)
China's 210 million migrant workers living in urban centers are expected to enjoy greater social security services as the country will do more in these areas.

Multibillion yuan budget for low-rent housing program (2008-03-07)
China plans to earmark 6.8 billion yuan ($951 million) in its 2008 budget, 33 percent more than last year, to build low-rent houses for urban poor, Premier Wen Jiabao said Wednesday.

Healthcare scheme extended (2008-02-29)
Almost 1.4 million non-working residents in Shanghai have joined the newly extended basic medical insurance scheme, officials said Thursday.

Free care services for elderly in Guangzhou (2007-09-04)
A free service provided by the Yuexiu district government is making life more enjoyable for Guangzhou's elderly.

More personnel needed in Chinese nursing homes (2007-01-25)
More beds and personnel will be needed to look after the 7.2 million Chinese seniors -- 0.5 percent of the total population -- who hope to find a place in a nursing home.

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