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Help-poor policies on the anvil (2008-12-08)
China is drafting policies to help the rising number of poor because of the slowing down of economic growth.

China carries on poverty fight despite achievements (2008-10-17)
China is to carry out more favorable policies to benefit the have-nots and step up efforts to alleviate poverty in the country, according to Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Friday.

Rural-urban divide targeted for new round of reform (2008-10-13)
The major reform for rural areas unfolded by the top leadership Sunday aims to bridge the yawning urban-rural gap and spur growth amid a domestic and global economic slowdown, experts have said.

China to help unemployed start businesses (2008-07-29)
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday that the government had suspended for three years administrative fees for unemployed people who register their own individually-run businesses.

China to invest 12.7b yuan on farmland (2008-07-17)
Chinese government will spend 12.7 billion yuan on upgrading lower-yield farmland this year.

China's new law on protection of the disabled effective July 1 (2008-07-10)
Several new Chinese laws and regulations, including the amended Law on Protection of the Disabled, will take effect on Tuesday.

Vice premier outlines eight-year plan for quake zone (2008-06-24)
Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Tuesday outlined an eight-year plan for reconstruction and development for areas devastated by the May 12 earthquake.

Relief plan focuses on rural homes (2008-06-25)
A major part of the reconstruction fund will be used to help farmers rebuild their homes destroyed or damaged in the May 12 earthquake, the central government said on Tuesday. Reconstruction to Be Complete by 2010 Quake Zone Jobs Protected

Leaders urge all-out efforts for quake relief, development (2008-06-16)
Chinese leaders on Friday urged  the nation to make all-out efforts in meeting the various tasks, including quake relief, post-quake reconstruction, economic and  social development and preparation for the upcoming Olympics.

Regulation on post-quake reconstruction (2008-06-04)
The State Council, China's Cabinet, passed a draft regulation on post-quake restoration and reconstruction at an executive meeting here on Wednesday.

China to make credit more accessible to farmers (2008-06-06)
China will take measures to make credit and loans more accessible to farmers in the country's rural areas, the China Banking Regulatory Commission said.

China orders financial support to quake regions (2008-05-21)
Chinese banks have been ordered to provide financial support, including extension of loan maturities, for relief and reconstruction in quake-ravaged regions.

China strives to improve social security for 210 million migrant workers (2008-03-07)
China's 210 million migrant workers living in urban centers are expected to enjoy greater social security services as the country will do more in these areas.

30% rise in rural spendings this year (2008-03-07)
The central government is planning a massive increase in spending on rural development this year, with a 30 percent year-on-year rise to a record high of 562.5 billion yuan ($79 billion).

Multibillion yuan budget for low-rent housing program (2008-03-07)
China plans to earmark 6.8 billion yuan ($951 million) in its 2008 budget, 33 percent more than last year, to build low-rent houses for urban poor, Premier Wen Jiabao said Wednesday.

Curbing prices, low-rent homes for poor (2008-01-22)
Beijing vice- and acting mayor Guo Jinlong on Sunday the municipal government will work hard to contain the housing price hike and provide low-rent housing for poor residents.

Call for officials to be judged on housing efforts (2007-09-21)
The quality of the housing occupied by the poor should serve as a vital criterion in evaluating the performance of local government officials, a senior urban construction official said yesterday.

China further boosts financial services in rural areas (2007-08-07)
China's banking regulators on Monday further eased market access for banks to rural areas and removed some obstacles to the development of rural financial services, in a move to promote the rural development.

Rural poor to get extra 7b yuan in subsidies (2007-08-02)
Central and local governments will plough more than 7 billion yuan into the rural subsistence allowance system this year, a senior official said yesterday.

Special Supplement: Ambitious plans target poor, jobless (2007-07-13)
Whether it's new homes, greater job opportunities or better healthcare, Jilin Province is poised to make dramatic improvements this year.

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