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Media has a big role

By Wang Qian and Karen Yip (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-04-09 07:46
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Media has a big role

Media in Asia should strive to assume a more responsible role in informing the public about climate change, Chinese editors said.

At a panel discussion titled Role of Media in Fighting Global Climate Change, Yu Wei, vice-president of Sohu Media, said: "Media should be a bridge between China and the world, and project China's position on climate change and other hot issues around the globe."

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She added that the phenomenal growth in Internet usage in China provides another platform for the grassroots to voice their concerns.

"The issue of climate change is now squarely on the national agenda and is of concern not only to the government but also the private sector."

The developing countries in Asia now account for one-third of global emissions, brought about by deforestation, land use, energy consumption and pollution.

"New media plays an important role in the battle against global warming, especially the network media, which can make the people more aware of hot issues such as climate change," said Wang Wei, vice-president of ifeng.com.

"Media have a social responsibility in guiding the public to live healthily and environmental-friendly, so Guangzhou Daily is active in reporting issues related to hot issues like climate change," said Dai Yuqing, board chairman and president of Guangzhou Daily Press Group.

The media should also provide more space for coverage on climate change and take on a more proactive role in educating the general public, he added.