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Convert quits terror group he once admired

By Liu Wei (

Updated: 2015-07-15 17:10:04

Convert quits terror group he once admired

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Ablimit Nurdun was deluded by terrorists in Turkey who promised him that it was a place where only fairness exists, women and children are protected and all Muslins are united.

He and his wife were devoted to yijilate and joined the group but his faith failed. Rather than all the things someone promised him, he saw there were huge differences and a strict ranking system between heads of groups and members, full of corruption, inside disputes, no fairness and women living difficult lives.

They lived in a small mud brick house that leaked when it rained without TV, cellular signals or a flushing system.

Meat was rare and walking the only way to get around. They lived in a place lacking everything.

Local medical treatment fell far below normal standards. His wife suffered greatly when she had their third baby, undergoing medical treatment and a Caesarean section without any anti-inflammatory drugs.

Yet the heads of the group were enjoying comfortable lives.

Ablimit Nurdun served as a cook for the leaders for six months. They were provided with things they could not get at the market -soft drinks and fruits such as mangos, peaches or water melons.

He suffered huge disappointment as he knew had been told no one should be privileged or squander money on a material life.

What he could not accept was the educational environment for children. His elder son went to study in a religious school run by the terrorist group but returned after 20 days as he had become sick.

"Many children got sick but no one tried to take care of them so they returned. There was some feces on my son's pants, his clothes got dirty and obviously suffered a lack of nutrition," Ablimit Nurdun said.

He did some research about the school and found children were lacking discipline and swore a lot. Nobody tried to teach students anything about hygiene.

Ablimit Nurdun came to the conclusion that the group claimed one thing but did another. He left behind a letter to the group he once believed in and escaped with his family.