Editor's Note:

International terrorist organizations are subverting traditional practices and forcing people from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to fight in a worldwide jihad, before sending them home to carry out more attacks. [Lies and false hopes entrap Xinjiangers]

Here are stories of people who were duped to illegally leave China and join international terror cells. Now they have been extradited to China and gave first-person accounts on how the terror cells work. Their misadventure abroad reveals lies of those cells and restores the truth concerning "migration and jihad".

'Truly repentant' jihadi regrets his brush with terrorism

Mardan Maolahong, a former member of a terrorist cell, lost his lower right leg in combat.

"The living conditions there were even worse than in the average village in Xinjiang. We went to markets where everyone was armed, and I didn't feel safe at all. Sometimes people even started fighting among themselves at the market."


Student dreams soon turn into jihadist nightmare

Turson was a just step away from the university place he had dreamed of when he fell under the spell a jihadist had weaved for him.

"We were far from home, worrying about being smuggled and killed. We only had fruit rather than real food to keep ourselves alive. People who controlled us didn't care a bit about our lives."


Children, young as 5, groomed to become killers

Azat Rozahong taught his sons, one five, the other six, to fire a gun and can be seen in a documentary filmed by the boys' mother.

"I didn't feel a thing at the time. When I look back now, it's painful to see my children suffering."


Lesson learned gives new hope to deceived Muslim

Alim Amat was a successful businessman in Xinjiang before deciding to sell everything and smuggle his entire family to another country.

"Our mother country is the best. 'Paradise' is the place where we were born and grew up".


Convert quits terror group he once admired

Ablimit Nurdun was deluded by terrorists in Turkey who promised him that it was a place where only fairness exists.

"Many children got sick but no one tried to take care of them so they returned. There was some feces on my son's pants, his clothes got dirty and obviously suffered a lack of nutrition."