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Hubei can become leader in commercial space sector

By Liu Kun (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2016-03-09 18:45:23


More efforts should be made to develop aerospace industrial bases in Hubei province and turn Hubei into hub of China's commercial space industry, said NPC delegate Hu Shengyun.

"China is on path to develop commercial space, and Hubei has the potential to take the lead in this field," said Hu, who is also chief designer in China Sanjiang Space Group.

Hu said: "The development of China's commercial space industry needs to be supported by State, especially when it comes to projects and setting a commercial model. At present, Hubei province and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation are working at develop aerospace industrial bases in Wuhan. If Hubei could take the lead in aerospace industry, it would become the center of China commercial space industry with its Beidou industrial base and technological base on research institutions.

He suggested encouraging the participation of non-government capital into rockets and satellites' manufacturing, production and launch, supporting cooperation among research institutions, private enterprises and State-owned aerospace companies pushing development of aerospace industry, improving the application of aerospace technology in other fields and contributing to the development of other industries.

Hu said although market demand on State research institutions and enterprises is hot, the number of launch plan is only up to 21 year, the cost of launch is prohibitive and the relationship between supply and demand is uneven.

"Baidu CEO Robin Li is planning to build space-based Internet and launch 100 geostationary satellites. Although it seems it can be achieved on technological sides, it may take several years according to the speed of satellite launch. However, Li's desire may be realized and the cost of launch could be reduced dramatically on the condition that employing social capital to develop commercial launch."

Hu said today in the United States more than half of the satellite are commercial ones. The government's space launch business are outsourced to commercial launch companies, which contributes to the emergence of a large number of world famous enterprises on commercial aerospace, such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation. What we need to do is that aim at development trend, introduce mechanism to aerospace industry as soon as possible and contribute to an early appearance of China's SpaceX."