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Top political advisory body to discuss reform


Updated: 2015-03-03 16:31:15



Achievements aside, Yu also admitted that there are still room for for improvement for the CPPCC's work.

"Its democratic oversight work still needs strengthening, its institutions and systems still need improvement, the quality of its proposals still needs to be raised, and its ability to perform its functions can be further increased," Yu said.

To this end, the top political advisor dedicated a special section to advancing China's "consultative democracy."

The effectiveness of the CPPCC's consultative democracy can be further improved by selecting the right topics, conducting in-depth surveys and studies and applying research results into practice, Yu said while insisting that political advisors must correctly understand the nature of CPPCC consultative democracy.

They must uphold the leadership of the CPC, "never indiscriminately copy other country's political models, and keep to the path of political development with Chinese characteristics, " he said.

The channels through which all sectors of society could participate systematically in political consultation should be expanded and a democratic atmosphere for consultations and discussions be created, Yu said.

Democratic oversight of the CPPCC will also be strengthened, Yu said, with special focuses on defusing local government debt risks, increasing the government's credibility, and implementing the CPC Central Committee's eight-point frugality rules.

He especially noted that the Chinese political advisors hosted 19 biweekly consultation symposiums last year to invite members from various fields and backgrounds to discuss and propose ideas on issues such as over-capacity and water quality protection at the sources of the central route of the South-to-North Water Diversion project.

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