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Internship match website coming to China in future

By Zhao Xinying ( Updated: 2014-01-21 21:41

Chegg, a US company that specializes in online textbook rental, homework help andscholarships, plans to expand its business in China in 2014, Dan Rosensweig, president andCEO of the company said at a news briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

Rosensweig, along with top leaders from US universities, businesses and organizations were invited to a summit with US President Obama last week to discuss building stronger pipelines for students to get to the right schools and to the right jobs.

To show their commitment to students, Chegg annouced a partnership with soon after the summit. This partnership will allow students to use the resume building tools on to be matched with 40,000 companies that offer 70,000 internship opportunities around the world.

Chegg hopes that the partnership can help new graduates find their first jobs.

"We haven't brought the internship product to China, neither have we brought a learning product yet. My trip to China this time will help us to build a strong pipeline for Chinese students starting 2014," he said.

Now Chegg has only one brand in China.

The brand Zinch, which started operations in China in 2009, matches students with the most suitable colleges or universities around the world and prepares students for campus life.

It was well-received, as more than 500,000 students in China used the service in recent years.

Rosensweig said his company is going to work with the Chinese government, as well as someChinese partners who are helping Chinese students with their English and prepare for their college exams.

"We are going to work with them to get students — once they are prepared — to apply to the right schools."

"We will also continue to build partnerships here, just as we did last year with Baidu. We intent to establish strategic partners in China to provide our Chinese students with the best information about studying abroad," he said.

As a parent himself, Rosensweig said he knows how difficult it is to find the best school for your children. He also deeply understands that Chinese parents are particularly involved in theirchild's education and care a great deal about their education and the opportunities it canprovide for their children.

And that's why he treasures the Chinese market and sees bright prospects for his company in China.

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