New rules for China's 2 million cabbies

Updated: 2012-02-28 15:03


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China's overworked taxi drivers will be able to enjoy one day off every week under a number of new rules jointly released by the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and All China Federation of Trade Unions.

The new regulation in labor relations between the country's two million cab drivers and their companies was announced by Vice-minister of Transport Feng Zhenglin, Xinhua reported. 

The move aims to protect cabbies' rights so they can work with dignity and allow their companies to develop well.

The taxi industry will also accelerate reforms of the current management system for employed drivers and set up a reasonable rental system, Feng said.

The rising cost of oil prices and taxi fares will also be addressed. Problems over parking, using toilets and eating will also be improved, according to Feng.

China has a total of more than 8,700 taxi companies, one million taxis and two million taxi drivers. Most of the cabs are owned by companies and rented to individuals for monthly fees. In Beijing, for example, a typical rental rate might be 200 yuan a day. 

Rising oil prices and exorbitant monthly rental fees have fuelled problems in labor relations in recent months due to drivers suffering from decreasing income. 

Vice-minister of Human Resources and Social Security Yang Zhiming has requested provincial authorities promote the reforms, ensure wage growth and open channels for people affected to voice their concerns. 

Wang Ruisheng, secretary of Secretariat of the All China Federation of Trade Unions has requested 80 percent of cab companies to establish labor unions by the end of 2012.