Yale entrant has no tiger mom or wolf dad

Updated: 2012-02-20 16:31


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A young 17-year-old Chinese has become the latest household name in China after being selected to enter Yale University, the Sanxiang Metropolitan News reported on Monday.

Chen Yunyi said her hobbies are reading and thinking. "When I read a paper, I may think its media, the paper industry, its development and the rule which run the system," Chen told the paper.

Having her daughter enrolled in one of the world’s top-notch universities, Ms Zeng does not duplicate a "traditionally Chinese" way of raising child. Saying along with her husband, she never spent too much time on preaching to her daughter or interfering with her own life, the report said.

"Neither is my husband a 'wolf father', nor is I a 'tiger mother'." Ms Zeng says, "In fact, we have both been busy with our work and have had not much time to keep an eye on her. But we always believe that our child has her own outlook and her life goal. We only need to trust and support her, "the paper quoted Zeng as saying.

As advice for other parents and maybe her only secret to the family’s success, Ms Zeng says, "Every child is a genius. You must believe in them, leave them the chance to meditate independently, and allow them to grow gradually."