56% hate attending frequent banquets

Updated: 2012-02-14 17:50


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More than 56 percent of people complain about attending banquets too often, China Youth Daily reported Tuesday citing a survey.

The Social Research Center of China Youth Daily polled 1,704 people to express their views on dinner gatherings.

The survey revealed business dinners were at the top of five most unwelcome banquets at 65.4 percent.

Friends wedding banquets came in second at 46.8 percent, colleague gatherings was third with 39.4 percent, classmate parties was fourth at 33.6 percent, and wedding banquets of relatives trailed at 24.3 percent.

Meanwhile, 73.4 percent of respondents feel anxious about participating in banquets. Nine percent are willing to attend, but 2.4 percent flatly refuse to join in dinner parties.

The survey also showed why people have anxiety about attending banquets. Drinking was first with 84.5 percent, no common topics placed second at 57.9 percent, sending gifts was third with 50.1 percent, and timing trailed at 33.5 percent.

"Business dinners and colleague gatherings are main banquets people worry about attending. However, these banquets can help develop and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues as well," said Ma Youbin, a bank clerk in Tianjin.