'Biased reports' not acceptable

Updated: 2012-02-14 09:22

By Zhao Shengnan (China Daily)

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China's media is expressing much more accurate and diverse opinions now, said Sylvie Bermann, France's ambassador to China, comparing it with the time she studied in China 36 years ago.

She also called for the media to respect diversity and learn lessons from each other to safeguard its credibility.

The comprehensive strategic partnership between China and France has enhanced trust between the media of both countries, said Severin Naudet, director of Etalab, a European public information platform, adding that both sides can further boost mutual understanding through reporters' personal experiences in each other countries and working together on new media innovation.

Shi Anbin, a professor of media and cultural studies at Tsinghua University, said much more work needs to be done to increase media exchanges between the two countries.

"French media are looking forward to improving their voices in China," he said.

Around 20 students from the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University had a discussion with French media representatives on Sunday.

"Some representatives told me that the French media usually adopts a moderate tone when reporting on China, and the openness and diversity of the Chinese media is far beyond their expectations," Shi said.

According to the Chinese embassy in France, 18 French media organizations are represented in China, while there are 15 Chinese media bodies in France.

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