UK's criticism on China 'irresponsible'

Updated: 2012-02-08 21:03


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BEIJING - China on Wednesday refuted British Foreign Secretary William Hague's criticism on China for vetoing a draft resolution on Syria, calling his denouncement irresponsible.

Russia and China on Saturday both vetoed an Arab-European draft resolution to promote regime change in Syria, a move Hague called a grave error of judgment by Moscow and Beijing and a "betrayal of the Syrian people."

He also said Moscow and Beijing had turned their backs on the Arab world and their Security Council veto would encourage tyranny and killing.

"What China has done was above board, and any attempt to drive a wedge between China and Arab world would be futile," Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told a routine press briefing.

He said China and Syria have maintained long-term friendship, and China is a friend to all Syrian people.

China has always stood for the safeguarding of the fundamental and long-term interests of the Syrian people, as well as the peace and stability of Syria and the region, he said.

China's Security Council veto complied with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the long-standing foreign policy of China, and the fundamental and long-term interests of developing countries, he noted.

Working with relevant parties, China has made great efforts in defusing tensions in Syria, which were witnessed by the international community,  he added.

Liu said China has always firmly supported the just cause of Arab countries and shares deep friendship and broad common interests with Arab nations.

"China will continue to make unremitting efforts in seeking a peaceful and proper resolution to Syrian crisis," he said.