Chengdu's post-earthquake reconstruction wins praise

Updated: 2011-12-28 13:36


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On Dec 5, a delegation of National Friendship Award winners visited the Dujiang Dam Community, which has been reconstructed following the devastating earthquake on May 12 in 2008. The delegation said they could see themselves living there after seeing the beautiful landscape of the post-disaster reconstruction.

The foreign experts appreciated the reconstruction work and were impressed by the clean streets equipped with supporting facilities for the community.

"It is amazing that the reconstruction work can be done so well in such a short time," said Barakat, a 75-year-old reporter from Pakistan. It was his first trip to Chengdu, but his career of over 50 years had acquainted him with the city. "Chengdu is more modernized and developed than I expected."

Kim Suthaek from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) put off his original arrangements and visited Chengdu. "I can't miss it," he said. After staying in China for more than 20 years, he has an especially deep affection for Chengdu. After the Wenchuan earthquake, he immediately made donations and showed consistent concern for the post-disaster reconstruction works.

Later, they went to the Cuiyue Lake in the Wugui village community. The clear small ditches and houses were a big surprise for Russian expert Olga, "I want to have a house and live here for a long time. The post-disaster construction in Chengdu not only has modern elements, but also the traditions and characteristics of the village, all of which are highly commendable."

"Chengdu boasts a cultural and historical heritage for thousands of years," said Olga, "It will become more beautiful in the future!"