Cross-border corruption emerges in China

Updated: 2011-12-23 20:14


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BEIJING - A set of new corruption patterns in China, including transnational graft and investment-like kickbacks, were disclosed in a blue book published Friday.

The flow and integration of resources, capital, cultures and information around the globe has cultivated cross-border corruption, while bribes were no longer preferred to be given in cash, but in long-term ways such as financial rights, resources and even investments, according to the blue book published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

More and more cases of corruption in China have involved groups rather than individuals, and were done through implicit, not explicit means, it said.

It also noted that the fields of corruption had expanded from the business, political and judicial areas to the social, cultural and educational sectors.

The 2011 version of the Blue Book for Combating Corruption and Upholding Integrity, the first of its kind, was prepared by the academy to keep an objective record of the country's fight against corruption.

The blue book also contains a report based on a massive 7,500-sample survey on the public's attitudes toward the initiative.

The survey found that about 60 percent of the Chinese public was confident in the fight against corruption in the next five to ten years, and a similar portion of officials, professionals and business managers believed that corruption had been curbed in certain ways.

However, the blue book stressed that the soil for corruption still exists and deepened reforms in anti-corruption mechanisms are required in order to make a difference.