China proposes 'traffic rules' to secure cyberspace

Updated: 2011-10-21 06:30


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UNITED NATIONS - China on Thursday called for the development of a comprehensive set of "traffic rules" for the "information highway," adding that "the United Nations is the most appropriate forum for the formulation of such norms and rules."

The statement came as Wang Qun, the Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs, was addressing the First Committee of the UN General Assembly on information and cyberspace security. The First Committee is in charge of disarmament and international security.

"In this information age, 'information highway' has reached almost all corners of our planet," Wang said. "It is worrisome, however, that in this virtual space where traffic is very heavy, there is, hitherto, no comprehensive 'traffic rule.'"

"As a result, 'traffic accidents' in information and cyber space constantly occur with ever increasing damage and impact," he said. "Therefore, the development of international norms and rules guiding the activities in information and cyber space has become an urgent task in maintaining information and cyberspace security of various countries."

"As the most universal and authoritative international organization, the United Nations is the most appropriate forum for the formulation of such norms and rules," the Chinese ambassador said.

In September, China, together with Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, submitted to the 66th session of the UN General Assembly an "International Code of Conduct for Information Security," with a view to launching an open and transparent process for developing, within the framework of the United Nations, international norms and rules for information and cyberspace security.

"We hope (this) will prompt countries to act responsibly and constructively in information and cyber space and address concerns of all parties in a balanced way," Wang said. "We wholeheartedly welcome comments and proposals from member states so as to make the Code better and further reflect concerns of all parties."

"Information and cyber network has linked all of us closely together, making distance among countries a matter of microseconds in many cases," he said. "Let us work together to intensify our exchanges and cooperation in the field of information and cyberspace security and reach an early consensus on the Code with the objective of building a peaceful, secure and equitable information and cyber space."

Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador also called upon the international community to "work together to make information and cyberspace technology produce more development dividends and better serve world peace and well-being of mankind."