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More Chinese design trips by smartphone apps

[2013-10-04 13:51]

Instead of making phone calls and searching on PCs, more people are designing their perfect trips by clicking their phones this Golden Week Holiday.

Data visualization for a better life

[2013-10-02 18:56]

The exhibition shows how information design influences and involves people, society and cities on different levels.

Cellphone game becomes a hit in China's mobile app market

[2013-10-02 11:28]

It's named "Plane war". Just a month after it's debut, it's won over a huge chunk of Wechat users.

China to test 5G network by 2020

[2013-09-26 13:39]

Exciting plans in the telecom space with the 3G network is now widely used and 4G just around the corner, China is preparing to enter the 5G era.

Blackberry dilemma

[2013-09-22 13:19]

Blackberry shares took a dive as the company anticipates massive loss and layoffs.

Meet overseas exhibitors at CIAPE 2013

[2013-09-16 15:42]

Valentina Polvara and Yannick Greiner told about their expectations for joining the CIAPE 2013.

Pebble watch seeks Chinese developers

[2013-09-06 14:03]

Pebble watch seeks Chinese developers

Lenovo outperforms market

[2013-08-20 05:47]

Lenovo - the world's No 1 personal computer maker - showed a strong performance in its first fiscal quarter results, including sales of mobile devices exceeding PCs for the first time in three months. Gerry Smith, president of the Americas for Lenovo, talks to China Daily about the company's next big plans.

Windows software versus Android and Apple

[2013-09-05 10:20]

Windows software versus Android and Apple's platform.

Designs for Infiniti

[2013-09-03 17:13]

Infiniti's new Executive Design Director Alfonso E. Albaisa shares his innovative ideas of automotive design with at the Infiniti Night in Chengdu.

Lu Gang: An overview of Chinese tech startups

[2013-08-29 09:14]

Interview with Dr. Lu Gang, founder of TechNode and TechCrunch China.

TechCrunch China: Design for Chinese tech startups

[2013-08-29 09:00]

Interview with Dr. Lu Gang,founder of TechNode and TechCrunch China.

Feature:Macworld Asia 2013

[2013-08-27 14:04]

The expo was not only satisfied insiders' desire for meaningful discussions about hot topics, but also attracted ordinary users to get more involved through in-depth interaction.

Should learn from free-to-play business model

[2013-08-27 21:07]

Should learn from free-to-play business model

Taking a closer look at Bitcoin

[2013-08-26 18:30]

Taking a closer look at Bitcoin

New 3rd-party payment licenses expected 'soon'

[2013-08-15 10:40]

Online financing in China will have more players, as the authorities plan to issue more licenses for third-party online payment soon.

Shopping on WeChat 5.0

[2013-07-12 13:13]

There is a possibility that WeChat could undertake an e-commerce platform role, experts said.

Chinese developers bet on mobile games

[2013-08-08 19:20]

As the number of smart phone users explodes, the race to grab the mobile games market is picking up pace.

Chinese WeChat goes abroad

[2013-07-30 09:32]

Competition in the text messaging market is heating up. One program, carving out a bigger share of the market, is WeChat owned by Tencent.

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