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Cellphone game becomes a hit in China's mobile app market

Updated: 2013-10-02 11:28
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A mobile messaging app is just exploding in popularity across China.. It's called Weixin or Wechat and has 200 million active users. But this time, our focus is about a game that's attached to the app. The game has attracted many players across the country and at the same time, it's burned a hole in some users' pockets.

It's named "Plane War". Just a month after it's debut, it's won over a huge chunk of Wechat users.

Users compete with friends, to see who scores higher so much so that there are professional players offering their services to increase your chances of winning.

It's great fun, but there's one thing bothering some players.

There has been a barrage of internet posts pouring anger at Wechat for sucking up their data and money. A thing that went against many people's initial wish...Many initially used the app simply for it's free instant messages.

The company assures users that the app will stay free..

Zhang Jun, Assistant Manager of Dept. of Public Relations, Tencent said, "There's no profit sharing. Users only have to pay for the data to the telecom companies."

But behind the free lunch, there seems to be some good deals..

Prof. Lyu Benfu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, "Through this game, data use has gone up, so telecom companies can turn data use into real profits. And Tencent may enjoy some favorable policies when using telecom companies’ internet bandwidth."

A smart phone app and a possible new cashcow for the already flourishing company.