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Shanghai Volkswagen launches New Tiguan

By Xu Xiao (China Daily) Updated: 2013-06-24 07:41

Shanghai Volkswagen launches New Tiguan

Three years after the Tiguan first went on sale in Shenzhen, Shanghai Volkswagen released the model's latest versions on June 7 in the same city. [Provided to China Daily]

Shanghai Volkswagen's New Tiguan went on sale in Shenzhen on June 7.

The joint venture simultaneously released a special edition of the model featuring Volkswagen's signature energy-saving BlueMotion technologies.

Just three years ago, the Tiguan entered the Chinese market in the same city. To date, more than 450,000 have been sold nationwide, making it one of the bestsellers in its segment.

According to the company, the new additions to its lineup will help Shanghai Volkswagen strengthen its foothold in the SUV segment.

The latest Tiguan features major changes and improvements in six aspects -styling, interior design, handling, comfort, high-tech equipment and safety.

Equipped with a 1.8TSI or 2.0TSI engine as well as a six-speed Tiptronic or manual transmission, the new model provides a rich selection of colors for the exterior and interior.

The LED daytime running light, 18-inch alloy wheel hub, and dark LED tail light give the model an elegant feel.

Italian luxury material provider Alcantara made the genuine leather seats, and the central console has knobs and buttons coated in chromium.

Armed with Volkswagen's most advanced 4Motion all-wheel drive system, the new Tiguan's handling has been greatly enhanced, according to the company.

The model also has a lot of other distinctive features, including a powerful audio system, a panorama sunroof with an electronically operated sunshade and an automatic air-conditioner with a carbon filter.

A set of intelligent equipment makes driving much easier, according to the company.

For example, the upgraded automatic parking assist system can help the driver park the car at the most proper place fast and accurately.

At night, the driving computer can detect vehicles from different directions and automatically adjust the high beams to avoid disturbing other drivers, greatly enhancing safety.

In addition, the fatigue detection can prevent drivers from losing focus on the road during long journeys.

BlueMotion edition

The energy-saving model exemplifies the commitment to conserving fuel without compromising the pursuit of driving pleasure, according to the company.

The origin of the name BlueMotion is rooted in the color of Volkswagen's trademark. Blue also stands for water and the atmosphere, while motion symbolizes constant vehicle development.

When combined, BlueMotion stands for fuel efficiency and ceaseless innovation.

The BlueMotion edition is equipped with a 1.4 TSI engine.

Its start-stop system can automatically turn off the engine when idling to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The brake energy recovery system can also help increase fuel efficiency.

In addition to the BlueMotion edition's hallmark "Emotion Blue" version, the model also comes in polar white, reflex silver and deep black.

The design of the model also showcases the emphasis on energy conservation. These concepts can be seen in every tiny detail of the car, including the drag-reducing rear spoiler and aerodynamically enhanced chassis.

(China Daily 06/24/2013 page18)

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