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Boomtime ahead for solar power firms

[2014-08-16 10:02]

The distributed solar generation industry is getting a big boost in China, where a new solar policy is expected to be announced later this month.

Chinese solar company launches plant in S. Africa

[2014-08-06 10:27]

Chinese company JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd on Tuesday officially opened a solar PV module production facility in Cape Town.

Credit system expected to improve companies' fight against pollution

[2014-07-17 07:05]

The planned government system for measuring companies' environmental protection efforts will spur companies to upgrade their pollution-reduction equipment, the top pollution watchdog said.

Huaneng to spend $1.6b to reduce emissions

[2014-07-15 06:57]

China Huaneng Group Corp, the biggest power generation company in the country, said it will invest about 10 billion yuan ($1.61 billion) this year to upgrade emissions-control equipment.

Chinese company receives costly pollution penalty

[2014-07-02 11:07]

A Chinese chemical company has been fined 20 million yuan ($3.25 million) for illegally discharging waste water and polluting the environment.

Foreign firms find liquid assets in water sector

[2014-06-17 07:03]

Shortages of potable water are prompting China to open up to private participation in the sector and providing new profit channels for foreign companies.

Clean energy plans to aid biomass companies

[2014-07-10 07:16]

China's biomass companies are on the fast track after government policymakers approved heightened investment in clean energy technology.

Solar company warns of bond default

[2014-03-06 07:17]

A looming bond default by Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co may raise concerns about conditions in China's onshore bond market, analysts said.

Sinovel faces credit rating downgrade

[2014-02-27 17:11]

Sinovel, one of China's largest wind turbine manufacturers, may face a credit rating downgrade amid a full-year net loss and shrinking net asset value, the company said in an announcement on Wednesday.

Suntech files for bankruptcy protection in US

[2014-02-07 17:15]

Suntech, formerly the world's largest solar manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy protection in a US court as its leaders negotiate with holders of more than $500 million in US convertible bonds.

Maker of London black cabs goes green

[2014-01-18 08:00]

London Taxi Co, the Chinese-owned taxi maker, is determined to stand up to rivals after London's taxi market enters a new era of zero emissions.

Sinovel Wind gives fourth-quarter loss alert

[2014-01-09 16:14]

Sinovel Wind Group Ltd, China's largest wind turbine manufacturer, said on Wednesday that it may suffer a fourth quarter loss in net profits.

Corporate credit linked with environmental efforts

[2014-01-02 20:49]

The Chinese government will use "environmental credits" to gauge companies' pollution control efforts and influence the treatment they get in various social aspects.

Everbright Intl to sell $472m shares

[2013-12-11 10:00]

China Everbright International Ltd will issue $472 million worth of new shares to its controlling shareholder to develop its environmental protection business.

Environmental companies to establish green bank

[2013-12-09 16:02]

Listed environmental companies will establish a private joint-stock bank, China Securities Journal reported on Monday.

Coca-Cola and Ford to make biodegradable car interiors

[2013-11-22 09:01]

Coca-Cola's new biodegradable PlantBottle Technology material has been put to use for the first time in a car.

New economic model breathes life into desert control

[2013-11-05 16:45]

Wulan Dalai, one of the many herdsmen in Erdos, never thought his sand land as part of the Maowusu desert would one day become a cash cow.

Shunfeng set to acquire Suntech's assets

[2013-11-04 17:04]

Shunfeng Photovoltaic announced it had won a bid to acquire the core assets of Suntech, a former industry leader, for $492 million yuan.

Guolian looks to invest in bankrupt solar power maker

[2013-11-01 20:41]

State-owned Wuxi Guolian Development (Group) Co Ltd may potentially save China solar power giant Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd, the failed solar power maker, from bankruptcy.

Japan's green companies thriving in China

[2013-10-31 10:55]

Japan's Asahi Glass, one of the world's major glassmakers, is looking to cash in on going green in China.

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