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NDRC raises fuel prices

[2012-09-11 08:57]

Retail gasoline and diesel prices were raised for the fourth time this year, but experts said the move will not have a major short-term effect on China's CPI.

Chinese airlines raise fuel surcharges

[2012-09-05 15:11]

Chinese airlines raised fuel surcharges on domestic routes due to rising fuel costs.

China likely to raise fuel prices in Aug

[2012-08-02 09:54]

China is likely to raise its gasoline and diesel prices this month, as the international crude oil prices to which China's prices are pegged have rised.

China may increase fuel prices on Aug 10

[2012-08-01 11:45]

China may raise gasoline and diesel prices in August for the first time since March after crude costs rose, a commodity researcher said.

Fuel price drop hardly reduces living cost

[2012-07-12 09:36]

Experts said China's latest fuel price cut won't have a significant impact on living costs, adding that prices may rebound during the next readjustment.

China to cut benchmark retail fuel prices

[2012-07-10 17:44]

China will slash the gasoline benchmark retail price by 420 yuan a tonne and diesel by 400 yuan per tonne from Wednesday, the third cuts since May.

Fuel prices cut to fight slowdown

[2012-06-09 09:04]

Gasoline and diesel prices have been cut for the second time in a month amid growing government efforts to reverse a sharp slowdown in the economy.

China to cut fuel prices from Sat

[2012-06-08 17:34]

China will lower the per-ton retail prices of gasoline and diesel by 530 yuan ($84) and 510 yuan, respectively, from Saturday.

Fuel price cut 'in the offing'

[2012-06-08 11:42]

China may cut domestic fuel prices by 620 yuan ($97) per metric ton on Saturday, the Shanghai-based commodity researcher C1 Energy said on Thursday.

New standards for fuel to reduce pollution

[2012-05-18 10:56]

Beijing will introduce new fuel standards on May 31 that are nearly on a par with the EU V, the first Chinese city to do so.

Beijing refines its fuel standards

[2012-05-17 17:01]

Beijing will introduce new fuel standards that municipal officials say are nearly on par with the European Union's Euro V on May 31.

Profit to decline on fuel costs: IATA

[2012-03-21 07:40]

The airline industry's profit this year will plunge 62 percent, a bigger drop than predicted in December, as fuel prices rise, the International Air Transport Association said.

China raises gas, diesel prices

[2012-03-19 21:47]

China raised fuel prices for the second time this year, hiking gasoline and diesel by 6.5 percent to 7 percent effective on Tuesday.

Diesel shortage fuels discontent

[2012-01-04 07:34]

Lack of supplies drives transport operators to frustration, Tang Yue reports from Hunan province.

HK approves rise of fuel surcharges

[2011-12-21 17:59]

The Civil Aviation Department ( CAD) of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government said Wednesday it has given approval to three airlines to raise the upper limits of passenger fuel surcharges for the period from January 1 to January 31, 2012.

China to cut fuel, diesel prices

[2011-10-08 17:13]

China will reduce the retail prices for gasoline and diesel by 300 yuan ($47.17) per ton starting Oct 9, the country's top economic planner said on Saturday.