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Big data conglomerate dreams big on Silk Road

China's trade growth over the next decade will be driven by the Belt and Road initiative and the development of Renminbi-led cross-border clearing.

China at center of regional growth with digital Silk Road

The digital Silk Road is charismatic because it could become a new axis of global order by offering a platform of equal cooperation.

Web companies asked to support 'digital Silk Road'

Internet-based businesses and media have been asked to actively engage in the Belt and Road Initiative by building a "digital Silk Road".

Internet media should drive digital Silk Road: Ren

China's Internet media should be at driver's seat to build an online Silk Road that facilitates cross-border communication among countries and regions along the "One Belt, One Road".

Risks growing for cybersecurity

More action should be taken to safeguard cybersecurity since the country's Internet environment is facing an increasing risk of being attacked.

News industry eyes Internet growth

The State-driven Internet Plus strategy will provide Chinese online media an opportunity to reach a wider audience and more advertisers, industry insiders said on Friday.

What they say

What they say

Zhanjiang Declaration (Full text)

As the Internet in China enters its third decade, we come together in Zhanjiang to discuss how the Internet media, under the new era of "Internet Plus", can play to its strengths and contribute to realize the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative, which are to advance interconnection, promote common development and mutual prosperity.

Zhanjiang Declaration wraps up 15th Forum on Internet Media of China

Online media should be a better communicator and narrator of the Belt and Road Initiative, said the 15th Forum on Internet Media of China in a declaration in Zhanjiang, southern China's Guangdong province, on Friday.

Internet Plus offers media opportunities to expand: Ali scholar

There's still a lot of room for digital media to extend its advantages in the "Internet Plus" initiative.

Opportunities, challenges await new media: Zaker CEO

"New media sector will faces more opportunities and challenges in implementing the 'One Belt One Road' initiative and the 'Internet Plus' strategy," said Li Senhe, CEO of Zaker.

China needs to develop e-commerce, industrial networks, and Internet banking: Ren

China's Web-based businesses and media are being urged to actively engage in the Belt and Road Initiative by building a "digital Silk Road" and helping upgrade traditional industries within and beyond the country's borders.

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