Internet-based businesses and media have been asked to actively engage in the Belt and Road Initiative by building a "digital Silk Road".
Online media should be a better communicator and narrator of the Belt and Road Initiative, said the 15th Forum on Internet Media of China in a declaration in Zhanjiang, southern China's Guangdong province, on Friday.
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  • 15th Forum on Internet Media of China kicks off in Zhanjiang

Agenda for 15th Forum on Internet Media of China

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The 15th Forum on Internet Media of China, themed "E-path to One Belt, One Road", could be a starting point to achieve online connectivity that helps boost the Belt and Road Initiative, said Chen Yunxian, vice governor of Guangdong province, on Friday.

Constructing the Online Silk Road

Host: Jiang Fei, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Science

Liao Hong, Party chief and president of

Xia Yong, editor-in-chief and vice -president of

Li Xin, deputy editor-in-chief of

Wei Zhengxin,Party chief of CNNIC

Chen Hongwen, deputy director of the Economics Department of Zhanjiang Party School

Fan Jianping, president of

Yang Gu, manager of

Geng Xiaohua, senior vice president of

Hao Xianghong, president of

E-path strategy and cross-cultural communication

Host: Wang Xiaohui, editor-in-chief of

Wei Zichuan, executive vice president of

Liang Bin, section director of publicity work to foreign countries in the Bureau for External Cultural Relations of China's Culture Department

Shi Ding, deputy general manager of

Zhang Xiangning, chairman and CEO of Luosuo Technologies

Wu Qingjun, chief editor of

Zhang Zhiyue, chairman of

Xu Shiping, CEO of

Li Senhe, founder and CEO of Zaker

Interdependency between 'Internet Plus' and 'One Belt, One Road'

Host: Wu Gang, deputy editor-in-chief of

Fang Xingdong, founder and chairman of the China Labs

Shi Shuicai, president of Beijing TRS Information Technology Ltd

Wu Xinli, product manager of big data department of Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd

Qin Wen, CEO of Dratio

Yu Tao, general manager of enterprise business department of ChinaNetCenter

Pang Zhenguo, director of the Party committee of The JDB Group

Huo Gang, vice president of Hylanda Technologies

Wu Kun, senior expert of Ali Research and chief editor of Ali Business Review

Jin Naili, deputy director of iResearch Consulting Group